Imagine something strange, out of the ordinary life, something you do not expect, something that makes you dream when you see it and make you ecstatic when you listen to it!
Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Bisbetic!

Over the past two years Bisbetic have become more than an act; They created a tribe with their fans through the music! The music that always come first in their life, no amount of success or fame will change that.

The dance music constantly changes and Bisbetic are always there, ready to create the innovative sound that the crowd does not expect and immediately began to love.

Alfio and Riccardo two friends from Italy ,have been making music for over 3 years
Two Visionary, Two rebels that are kicking the EDM scene with their style, out of the ordinary, speaking a language the party crowd love dancing and the radio listeners love to listen and understand.
It was in 2012 when they entered tiptoe onto the global dance scene with the release of ‘Lizard’. From there it was a succession of music, which allowed to join new fans into the tribe.

New productions got recognized and reached all corners of the planet,‘4AM’,’DINOSAUR’,’FEELING’, ‘ELEVATOR’,’YOU KNOW THE DEAL’ are just some of the successes of the young duo, always ready to surprise us with new exhilarating music.

Get ready to expect the unexpected: They are Bisbetic!